Buffalo Bill Sculpture

From 1867-1868 the Kansas Pacific Railroad was being built in the heart of buffalo country. From points west of Hays, Kansas, fresh meat was hazardous to obtain due to hostile Indians. The railroad employed hunters to provide fresh buffalo meat for the crews. "Buffalo Bill" was one of the buffalo hunters. Riding his favorite buffalo horse "Brigham" and with the aid of his MD. 1866 Springfield rifle "Lucritia Borgia," a 50-70 caliber, Buffalo Bill fulfilled his contract with the railroad as far west as Sheridan, Kansas.

This was the inspiration for the Buffalo Bill bronze sculpture, located just west of 2nd St. on U.S. Highway 83. The twice life-size bronze sculpture, by Charlie and Pat Noron of Leoti, KS, voted one of the "8 Wonders of Kansas Art," commemorates the 1868 contest between William F. Cody and William Comstock where the winner earned the name "Buffalo Bill."
Buffalo Bill Sculpture
Read the story boards, listen to the radio story recounting the historical contest, and take pictures in the Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull cut out figures.

When visiting the sculpture, be sure to stop in the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center (BBCC). To learn more about the sculpture or to book your event at the BBCC, visit the BBCC website or call 785-671-1000.

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