to all those past, present, and future residents of Oakley.  If you’re lucky enough to have lived here in the past or currently do, you know Oakley is a special place.  We are a small community and proud of it.  A small community means you know your neighbor.  It means it may take you twice as long to get through the grocery store because you’ll know everyone in there and you’ll do more talking than shopping.  But that’s what makes small-town life special.

The City of Oakley Governing Body and staff is dedicated to supporting that small-town way of life.  The City employees approximately 30 staff who do everything from maintain our parks to operate the municipal landfill, all for the benefit of the citizens of Oakley.  The city offers water, wastewater, and refuse utilities.  Staff also maintains parks, roads, alleys, the cemetery, and Oakley Municipal Airport.

The City is guided by a Mayor and five Council members who are elected to staggered terms every other year and serve four year terms once elected.  These officials are residents of the community they serve, which means they understand the needs of the community.  

As we have always done and will always continue to do, we work for the citizens and the future of Oakley.



The Oakley Muncipal Code is now availabe online.