Mayor & City Council

The City of Oakley is a City of the Third Class and is governed by a Mayor-Council form of Government with a Mayor and 5 Councilmember’s elected at-large to staggering 4 years terms.

City_Council_2013The City of Oakley  Mayor and Council. Front Row: Councilmember Lisa Huddle, Mayor Charles Beamer, Councilmember Shawna Allison. Back Row: Councilmember Shane Stephenson, Councilmember Frank Munk, Councilmemeber Chris Dorman.


Charles Beamer

City Council

Councilmember Shawna Allison

Councilmember Chris Dorman

Councilmember Leasa Huddle

Councilmember Frank Munk

Councilmember Shane Stephenson