Dog Licenses

 alt     Dog licenses are renewed April 1st through June 30th each year

      Renewal Fees:

      Spayed/Neutered-             Free
      Not Spayed/Neutered-      $5.00
      Outside Renewal Period-  $20.00

  • Application for license must be made within 30 days after obtaining a dog over four months of age.
  • Require certificate of rabies shot from Veterinary Office listing rabies tag number and expiration date.
  • No dogs or animals of inherently dangerous or destructive types will be allowed within the corporate limits of the City of Oakley.  The lists of these are available at the City Office. (Ordinance 1001)
  • A limit of three animals over four months of age per residence
  • All animals are to be kept under restraint.  Unlicensed, unrestrained and nuisance animals shall be impounded and an impound fee of $35.00 a day plus a possible ticket issued.



The Oakley Muncipal Code is now availabe online.