Oakley Cemetery
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Thomas County Road A
(East of Oakley-8th Street)

One Lot (4 Burial Spaces) - $100.00
(Plus a $8.00 filing fee to Thomas County Register of Deeds)
These are purchased at the City Office

Grave Opening and Closing

All opening and closing of graves are to be done by the city employees.
Monday through Friday - $200.00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - $225.00
Cremations (Monday through Friday) - $150.00
Cremations (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) - $175.00

  • Cremations-2 cremations allowed per plot
  • A permit is required to set a monument.  A three day notification is required before setting a monument.
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers, the erection or construction of any fences, coping or curbing of wood, stone, brick, cement or other material on or around any lot or grave are not allowed.

The Oakley Muncipal Code is now availabe online.