Utilities Information
  • Water, sewer, and refuse are provided by the City of Oakley.
  • A utility billing agreement is required for all utility services and must have all information filled in. 
  • A picture ID is required and applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Renters must have the owner’s signature before transfer of utilities.
  • All previous bills owed to the City of Oakley must be paid before utilities are connected.
  • No utilities will be provided before a utility agreement is completed and turned in to the City Office

PDF Forms:
Utility Billing and Service Agreement
Utility Payment Agreement
Direct Withdrawal for Utilities
Levelized Utility Pay Plan & Levelized Utility Payment Terms
Utility Readout Request

Billing cycle:
-Utility meters are read between the 17th and 22nd of each month with bills going out the last working day of the month.
-All bills are due the 15thof the following month.  If not paid by the 15th a penalty of 10% is added and if not paid by the last working day of the month utilities will be disconnected.

-Reconnect fees are $40.00 plus tax for reconnected during business hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  After hour, weekend or holiday reconnect is $100.00 plus tax.
-Utility Payment Agreements are available if a customer is unable to pay.  A customer is allowed only three per year, with no twoin a row.  Default of an agreement will result in immediate disconnect.

Level Payment:
-Levelized Utility Payment Plan calculates a year of usage history into a monthly payment.  This is done every October.


City Headlines

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