PDF Forms:
Rural Refuse Application

  • All refuse containers (hoppers) are located in alleys and in relation to the street where there are no alleys.  
  • All hoppers are owed by the City of Oakley. Paying customers may use any hopper within the city.
  • Items not allowed in the hoppers are: large and heavy items that would damage the refuse truck, used oil, paint cans that are not empty and dried out, and hazardous materials.
  • Permits are available for use of the landfill by persons not residing within the City of Oakley.  They may be purchased at the City Office for $6.50 per pickup load, dump truck and farm trucks-$25.00 and semi truck-$50.00.


Residential (within city limits) - $22.00
Residential-Mobile home/apartments - $24.94

  • offices, daycare, hairstyling, fixit shops, hobby, jewelry store, private garages, theaters, pawn shops - $24.94
  • hardware, catalog stores, shoes, clothing, parts, pharmacy, laundromat, small garages, body shops, carpet shops, florist shops, building contractors, medical offices, variety stores, senior center, motels with 10 units or less - $30.80
  • utilities, bowling alleys, donut shops, plumbing, drive-in restaurants, small manufacturing, lumber yards, taverns, grain elevators, truck wash, service stations, motels with 11 to 25 units. - $39.61
  • furniture, appliance, discount stores, car and implement dealers, fast food, small restaurants, garages, fair building, banks and other large offices. - $48.41
  • rest homes, private clubs, meat markets, small markets, convenience-discount stores, and schools - $57.21
  • large restaurants, educational service center, Hospital, courthouse, large motel with 26 or more Units - $64.55
  • Supermarkets - $111.48

Outside of City Limits
One hopper-twice per month  
One hopper-4 times per month
One hopper-8 times per month
Each extra hopper

*All out of town refuse hoppers require an application and approval by the City Council.

Tire disposal requires an additional fee:
Car Tires-$2.00
W/Rim-$  6.00
Light Truck-$2.00   
W/Rim-$  8.00
Truck Tires-$5.00
Heavy (up to 18.4x42)-$12.00
Small (up to 23.1x30)-$27.00
Large (23.5, 26.5, 30.5)-$57.00

The City of Oakley Landfill is located one mile south on Hwy 83 and ½ mile east on Day Dream Road.

The Oakley Muncipal Code is now availabe online.