Register of Deeds


Logan County Register of Deeds Office


Joyce Bosserman, Register of Deeds

Katie Harnish, Deputy


Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Closed for Courthouse holidays.


Phone Number: 785-671-4224

FAX Number: 785-671-1084

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The Register of Deeds is an elected official who is required by the Laws of the State of Kansas to record all documents submitted by the public which meet the filing requirements. They maintain an up-to-date and accurate set of indexes which shows the correct ownership of the land in Logan County.


The Register of Deeds office is responsible for the filing of deeds, mortgages and liens, oil and gas leases, plats of additions to the cities, military discharge records, power of attorneys, corporation records, and UCC’s. They also house the old county school records, which were once the property of the County Superintendent.


All records in the Register of Deeds office are open to the public, except Military Discharges and Sales Validation Questionnaires.


Recording Requirements:


· Fees for filing documents are set by State Statute and must be paid before the Register of Deeds is required to do the work.


· Documents must be originals with original signatures and notaries. Photocopies will not be recorded unless they are a certified copy from another recording entity. If names or signer and notary are not typed or printed under the signatures, the Register of Deeds will collect a fee of $1.00 in addition to all other fees.


· Document must contain a Logan County description.


· Acknowledgement must be complete with Notary’s signature, seal and notary expiration date.


· All deeds must be accompanied with a completed Sales Validation Questionnaire. If one of the 16 exemptions on the back of the form is met, the exemption must be typed on the document according to K.S.A. 79-1437(e).



Mortgage registration tax must be paid when filing a mortgage. This tax is calculated at .26 per $100 of the principal indebtedness. This tax is in addition to recording fees.