NRP - Logan County Neighborhood Revitalization Program provides significant property tax rebates over a five year period on a prorata basis.  (i.e. 100% year 1, 80% year two, 60% year three, etc.)  This incentive helps business owners recapture a portion of their investment in new or remodeled facilities.  Click Here for the application

TIF – Tax Increment Financing is available in several packages that may include Industrial Revenue Bonds, Municipal Bonds and Enterprise Zone Bonds as well as other tax supported issues.  These financing instruments are available on a case by case basis and must be approved by the City where the project is located and/or Logan County.

Special Tax Abatements – Special tax abatements may be approved for qualified projects.  These abatements must be approved by the Logan County Commission and may be granted based on individual project merit.

ARRA – Certain portions of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act 2009 may provide incentives for qualified projects.  For more information on these incentives and the industry sectors that qualify, consult the ARRA website, your congressional representative’s office, or the Logan County Development Corporation Office.

State Incentives - Various incentives are available for businesses locating in the state of Kansas including job creation tax credits along with many others for certain industry sectors.  To learn more about these incentives, contact the Logan County Development Corporation or the Kansas Department of Commerce.

“Green Incentives” – Special targeted incentives that apply to energy conservation and alternative energy projects are available through the Kansas Department of Commerce and US Department of Energy.  These incentives are generally applied to efforts within a project to advance energy conservation or alternative energy applications.  Contact the Logan County Development Corporation for more information to determine if your project will qualify.