Overview - Logan County lies at the confluence of three major US highways.  Interstate 70 provides direct access East and West on one of America most important and well traveled interstate highways.  North and South access is via US-83, the only direct route from Canada to Mexico.  In addition to these is US-40 a major east-west connector to eastern Colorado and the Colorado Springs region.  Our Airport boasts a 5,500’ runway capable of supporting light to medium transport.  Plans are underway to institute limited air passenger flights from Oakley, KS to Denver, Colorado.

RR – Railroad service to Logan County is provided by Union Pacific.  There is a multitude of railroad spurs throughout our county.  All rail services are available 24/7 with service connecting to all parts of the country.

Truck - Logan County is served by all major trucking companies and several regional/local freight forwarders.  Several truck stops in our region serve this important transportation sector.