Why Logan County?
I’m glad you asked!  Logan County is one of the most perfectly located counties in America.  Almost smack dab in the geographical center of the nation, Logan County sits astride three major highways.  Interstate 70 links our county to both coasts via one of the finest routes in America.  US 83 running N/S through the county is the only route in the nation that runs uninterrupted from Canada to Mexico.  US 40 carries traffic from the I-70 junction to Colorado Springs and is a favorite route for summertime tourists.

Rail, truck and air transportation are all present with connections to anywhere on the globe.  Workforce skills and a highly educated population can make finding the right folks for your jobs a snap.

Our fantastic location, available land for development, low cost of living, solid Midwest values and work ethic add up to one of the most attractive areas a business could choose.  And that’s not all!  Local & state incentives can go along way in making your move to Logan County a lot easier on the company pocketbook.

If you’re looking for a place to start your business or relocate your existing firm, then you owe it to yourself to contact the Logan County Development Corporation…you’ll be glad you did!