Police Department

The Oakley Police Department serves the community with a Chief of Police and 5 sworn Officers. The officer's patrol and perform  criminal investigation duties. The Oakley Police Department is the 911 Communications center for Emergency First Responders for the City of Oakley, Logan County, and Gove County.

Communications Center

The Communications Center went live with the new CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) System from Enterpol.  The 911 System can handle text messages from cell phone carriers that provide it.  But remember "Call if you can-text if you cannot".
The Communications Center has 5 Communications Officers which are responsible for dispatching emergency units in a 1,800-square-mile area. The Oakley Communications Center is the only 911 Center in Kansas that has 2 complete counties of coverage.

Work Site Utility Vehicles

The City has passed an ordinance allowing the operation of work-site utility vehicles within City limits. These vehicles include mules and gators that have been outfitted with the required safety equipment. Golf carts, micro trucks, and ATVs are illegal. Operators must register with and obtain a license from the City Office at 209 Hudson and have there vehicle inspected by the Police Department. See the ordinance (PDF) for all requirements. The application to operate (PDF) is also available online.