County Appraiser

Documents That Can Be Purchased Through the Appraiser's Office

  • GIS Maps 8x11 or 11x13 or larger
  • Property Record Card (PRC)
  • PRC's - Shows Land Description/Acres or Square Feet/Ownership, building information
    Please Note: Register of Deeds will have the most current ownership of record.
  • Sales information for Certified Appraiser's only - Appraiser Office does not do comp research
  • Queries - Example (Ownership of Land Owners With 10 Acres or More)

Assessment Deadlines

  • Change of Value Notices Mail by March 31 with an Appraised Value as of January 1
  • New Construction is valued as of January 1
  • Oil and Gas Assessments due January 1 through April 1
  • Personal Property Assessments due January 1 through March 15

Public Information You Can Call About

  • Appraised Values of All Property
  • Description of Buildings
  • Number of Acres Being Taxed or Size of Lots or Square Footage of Land
  • Ownership by Address

Sales Information

  • This Information is Not Public Record.
  • This Office Does Not Do Abstract Work.
  • This Office Does Not Have Property Line Information.
  • This Office Does Not Research Comparable Sales Information for Fee Appraisers.
  • This Office Keeps a Sales Book for Real Estate and Can Be Viewed by a Licensed Fee Appraiser Only.

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