Oakley is in the heart of the western High Plains of Kansas. Originally short grass prairie and nearly treeless, the High Plains today is mostly settled and farmland covers much of the region. The combination of native grass and varied farm crops including corn, milo, wheat, sunflowers and sorghum, makes this region an ideal habitat for ring-necked pheasants.

In 2012, Anthony Hauk, Pheasants Forever, ranked Oakley number 4 on The 25 Best Pheasant Hunting Towns in America. In fact, 4 of the top 25 hunting towns were located in northwest Kansas.
A wild pheasant standing in the grass
The Oakley area (northwest Kansas) has over 350,000 acres of publicly accessible walk-in hunting land (WIHA) for upland bird hunting. The Oakley area is on Map 7 of the Kansas Fall Hunting Atlas.

In addition to great pheasant hunting, northwest Kansas has some of the best white tail and mule deer hunting in the state.

You can also hunt:
  • Dove
  • Prairie Chicken
  • Prairie Dog
  • Quail
  • Rabbits
  • Turkey
For complete hunting season, bag limit and license information visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism website.

For more information about hunting, fishing and recreation in NW Kansas, order a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Northwest Kansas or view the virtual copy.